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Level Three: Arcade Nouveau Series and Juried Art Show

As some of you may (or may not) know, I am a student at the University of Maine at Augusta in the art program. As an active member of the Honors Program, I am always looking for ways to challenge myself. I was presented with an opportunity to turn the task of making editions (exact replications) of intaglio (etched copper plate) prints into making editions of a series.

I made a series of six prints, 5 editions of each print, inspired by Art Nouveau and retro video games, letting the theme of antiquated art and antiquated technology play off of each other. My color theme was an 80’s inspired palette with vivid oranges, fuchsia, green, blue, and purple. Since painting is the medium I work with most, it takes a while to get used to the printing process. While I thoroughly enjoy the process of drawing on the plate with sharpie and watching my image come to life after the acid bath, the process of creating editions is taxing. It can take a few prints for my realization to come to life and then I have to replicate it. By the second print in the series, the editions were a cinch. I am finally starting to understand the process of laying down ink, wiping away, and blending to bring life to my images.

In the end, I ended up with a beautiful series with five editions. It helps when you truly enjoy the subject matter of your work. As a gamer, how could I not love bringing these classics to the press? All in all, I learned a ton from this process and have a newfound respect for the process of printing… but I think I am going to stick to paint. The best thing is, the hard work paid off! These works were selected for the “Best Print” award in the juried art show.

Let me know what you think: have you done the printing process before? What do you love and/or hate about it?

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