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It's my final semester of my Bachelor's of Art program and I've been grinding hard to create my first combination of painting and installation art to be installed in the Danforth Gallery. These works were inspired by a lifetime of construction work in rural Maine with my father. It touches on the impermanence of memory and also how I viewed construction sites as a young boy through the lens of a quickly growing digital world. This is an entire summer working at one job site, pieced together, broken apart, and distorted to bring a dreamy landscape. Added to the ethereal paintings are ladders that lead to nowhere, seemingly falling out of mid-air, and painted barrels that also have a similar instability. The barrels and ladders are influenced by the game, Donkey Kong. I've often mused that my dad is Mario and I'm Donkey Kong, both in size and attitude. This work is the marriage of that idea along with a construction-based dreamscape.

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